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Process Modules

Apart from engineering complete facilities for fixed platforms and floating topsides, we also engineer standalone modules which are tendered out separately by clients in order to expedite procurement and fabrication. For these modules, we perform complete engineering within Battery Limits including detailed modelling of pipes, supports, structures, insulation equipment, material handling, cable trays, etc. leading to clash-free engineering

Some of these topside facilities / systems include:

Process Modules / Packages Oil separation and treatment, Gas separation, MEG reclamation systems, Gas compression and Gas Dehydration & Sweetening units, Produced water treatment systems, Sea water treatment and Injection systems.

Utilities Modules / Packages – Open / Closed Drains, HP / LP Flares, Power Generation systems, Gas Turbine generators with Waste Heat Recovery Units for generating hot water, Sea water treatment systems, Water Injection systems, Chemical Injection modules, Fuel Gas skids, Utility air systems, Potable water systems, Service water & cooling media water systems, Fire Water systems and Nitrogen Generation systems.

Others: Pipe rack modules, Riser modules (for spread-moored FPSOs)


Case Studies: Capabilities for engineering of Gas Sweetening Units


BCP-B2 Compressor module for ONGC
BCP-B2 Compressor module for ONGC
Gas Compressor module for ONGC’s
Gas Compressor module for ONGC’s NQ Reconstruction project being despatched from L&T’s Modular fabrication facility at Hazira).
3 D model of the Gas Turbine Generator
3 D model of the Gas Turbine Generator module engineered for FPSO MV-24
High-resolution 3-D Model
High-resolution 3-D Model of Chemical Injection & Utility Module engineered for FPSO MV-21: Jubilee