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Drilling Rigs

Our portfolio of engineering services for Drilling Rigs includes:

  • Stability analyses, motion response analyses, inputs to installation procedures
  • Structural analyses for in-service and pre-service (load out, tow, etc.) conditions
  • Design of yard supports & equipment foundations
  • Engineering of power generation systems, living quarters, helidecks and other utilities
  • Engineering for increase in leg & jacking system
  • Study & selection of drilling equipment
  • Hull extension/provision of additional tanks in hull due to increase in water depth
  • Drill floor & cantilever strengthening
  • Study & engineering for replacement of hydraulic jacking & cantilever skidding system to gear & motor type.
  • Preparation of tender document /bid

ONGC’s Sagar

ONGC’s Sagar Uday Jack up rig refurbished & upgraded at L&T’s yard – entire detail & procurement engineering by LTV

LTV has engineered two major revamp and upgrade projects for Jack up Rigs


L&T-Valdel has performed challenging refurbishment engineering jobs

L&T-Valdel has performed challenging refurbishment engineering jobs for rigs including the tornado-devastated FD-VII Jack-up Rig, which was restored and upgraded for redeployment in the Middle-East in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita