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The LTV-ite

Sometime, a little before 6 in the morning, two sights greet you when you step out to take in the early morning sights and sounds of a city. One is the sun rising slowly but surely in the distant horizon, and the other is a LTV colleague, on the verge of stepping into the blue and grey office building on Primrose Road, for an early start to his day. There is a lot in common between these two guys-they both start their day before the birds are up, slowly and rhythmically proceed through their tireless journeys. They both follow the same routine day after day, and rest only when they reach their destinations, with a promise to start afresh the next day.

A couple of hours into the day, another batch of professionals walks into this building to the soulful tunes of the Shehnai playing in the reception welcoming the entrants.

Within a short while, the façade of calm and serenity, that had engulfed the building for the night, breaks, and the hustle and bustle of this engineering office becomes evident, with all of us scurrying past each other in our eagerness to achieve targets, to convince customers, and to get our thoughts across to people sitting across tables and across national and international boundaries. The scenes that unfold are sometimes hilarious and sometimes awe-inspiring. Different opinions and conflicting priorities emerge as projects evolve. We all have our specific roles to play in this, contributing significantly to steer projects towards their logical conclusions.

While the much awaited handover is sometimes over-rated, it is imperative that this grand show of prowess and knowledge would never be what it is, without the contributions of schedules and the impeccable coordination between various entities of the EPC tree, like Procurement, Execution, Yard, Installation, etc. Since engineering is at the forefront of EPC project execution, it is of paramount importance that this energy and enthusiasm is sustained. Everybody relies on engineering to lead projects to fruition. Given the way of things, it is normal to find lamps of this engineering office aglow late into the night. When the area slowly screeches to a halt for the night, we LTV-ites are wide awake, in our bid to send out the last of our assigned set of deliverables for the day.

In the humdrum of life, we all crave for a break from the routine. A break which will help us rejuvenate ourselves and get back to work more tired but infinitely happier than before. It is at these times that we realise, just how much talent lies hidden behind the sombre appearances of these technical geniuses. The thick steel jungles comprising mammoth structures of jackets, topsides and pipelines resonate with laughter and music during these occasions. As part of employee engagement initiatives, various programmes are organized every year, a few prominent ones among which are:

  • Antarmukhi: A cultural programme organized on the Foundation Day (falls on 24th November) every year. This programme is, to requote Lincoln, ‘for LTV, of LTV and by LTV’. Cultural events organized during this occasion include songs, dances, skits, all developed and performed by the employees. It is a visual treat to watch this other side of engineering professionals emerge.
  • Intellect: An annual Quiz programme, which is organized to coincide with Antarmukhi. Intellect challenges the employees to bring out the best of their General Knowledge skills. Both the prelims and the finals see huge participation from employees and their colleagues, who turn up in huge numbers to cheer their teams.
  • Sports events: During the year, Inter-department tournaments for Cricket & Football for men, and Throwball, Tennicoit & Athletic events for the women employees are organized.

These events see employees of all age groups participating with unmatched zeal and fervour. All professional barriers that exist during working are shattered during these sports events.

  • Painting competition: An annual painting competition is held to celebrate World Environment Day (5th June) every year, intending to focus attention on major environment related topics.
  • Fun Fest: This is usually organized in the festival season between Dusshera and Deepavali, under the banner of ‘Unnati’. Employees set up stalls for food, fun, games, etc. In addition, various organizations supported by Unnati are encouraged to set up stalls to sell their products (candles, handicrafts, artwork, etc.). Proceeds of the sale go to Unnati, besides the regular contribution, to further their activities.
  • ICONS: The ICONS (Immense Contribution of Noteworthy Significance) are quarterly non-monetary rewards given to employees, to commend them for their contributions and to encourage them to take initiatives that drive business performance.
  • Real Time Strategic Change (RTSC): These “Large scale Interactive Processes (LSIP)” encourage employees across the board to converge on a common platform for strategic decision making. Various process improvement initiatives towards enhancing business, that emerge as an outcome of these seminars, are institutionalized into the Company procedures.

During all these events, the clients, who are positioned in LTV offices are invited and encouraged to partake in these events, while the culture of the organization is resplendent in its glory.

Summing it all up, we LTV-ites are a unique bunch of characters, who possess the invaluable capability of donning various hats with panache and élan, be it professionally or personally.

Welcome to L&T-Valdel Engineering…a place where your dreams get engineered and fulfilled!