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Frequently asked questions

1) What does L&T-VALDEL stand for?

L&T-Valdel’s name is derived from the abbreviation of the words “Value” and “Delivered”. Over the years, L&T-Valdel has gained the reputation of delivering value to customers and this has become a strong differentiating factor for us over the years, as evidenced by the several repeat customers we have managed to engage.

2) Does L&T-Valdel offer engineering services in the mid & downstream market space as well?

L&T Valdel is the upstream engineering group of Larsen & Toubro Limited, providing engineering solutions to Oil & Gas E&P companies, EPC companies and engineering consultants worldwide. Historically, before the acquisition by L&T, this group has delivered engineering projects in the mid & downstream segments as well; however, post-acquisition, this experience has been transferred to other specialist engineering groups within L&T, which provide design engineering services for mid & downstream Oil & Gas projects.

Should you have any enquiry, we would be happy to redirect you to the relevant group.

For more information please also visit the L&T Hydrocarbon Mid & Downstream site

3) What is Concurrent Engineering, and how does L&T-Valdel perform concurrent engineering for its projects?

Concurrent Engineering is a work methodology wherein multiple engineering disciplines parallelly process tasks towards a common plant design. This methodology, if deployed correctly, greatly compresses the project schedule and eliminates coherence errors between components of the project engineered by different disciplines.

At L&T-Valdel, we use a 3D model-based Concurrent Engineering platform (PDS/PDMS) to deliver complex, multidisciplinary engineering projects to our customers across the globe.

Multi-functional project teams use a proven integrated suite of design software and methods to efficiently collaborate on a project database seamlessly across multiple locations and time zones. Our global delivery integrated systems are backed by a robust IT infrastructure – all systems are ISMS compliant and ensure complete Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility of project information.

4) How does L&T-Valdel manage and share knowledge and learning?

Our company-wide project information management programme promotes sharing of the company’s accumulated knowledge and enables quick and informed decision-based solutions in design.

“Lessons Learned” workshops are conducted at frequent intervals, specifically during start and close-out of projects, to ensure high visibility and assimilation of learning.

At the department level, project personnel consolidate and share lessons learnt with their teams on a regular basis.

Our systems are geared to facilitate the capture and dissemination of project learning at all levels and use this as a value enhancer for future projects.