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Corporate Governance & CSR

A sustainability approach to Corporate Governance

We are committed to fulfilling our economic, environmental and social responsibilities while conducting business. Our aim is to conserve natural resources, build social equity and achieve sustainable growth through a culture of trust and caring while continuing to serve all our stakeholders.

Over the years, our corporate focus has seen a paradigm shift from 'profitability' to 'sustainability'. Our Corporate Governance and CSR are based on a framework comprising:

  • Sustainability Approach
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Environment Conservation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

At L&T-Valdel, environment is an all-pervasive concern across every product, every process and every decision. In keeping with the reasoning that 'what gets measured, gets improved', we track our progress in our core management priorities.

We are committed to fostering an environment which is founded on our core values, good ethics and governance. Employees are engaged and empowered in a manner which helps them deliver through competitiveness and excellence, qualities which are honed continuously through learning and development across the entire organisation.

 Please click here to view L&T-Valdel's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bringing sunshine to peoples’ lives. Unnati’s activities are based on a model of inclusive development and growth


Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained.”

  - Helen Keller

Unnati Logo
Investing in our future: Unnati works along with NGOs to help underprivileged children realize their dreams
The Laughing Buddha smiles upon children during an excursion organized by Unnati

As a Corporate Social responsibility initiative, ‘Unnati' (meaning Development) was formed by employees and spouses of employees, under the aegis of L&T-Valdel, in conjunction with several NGOs like Abhayashram, Sandhya Kiran, Malleshwaram Shishu Vihar and Karnataka Welfare Association for the Blind. Our CSR activities focus on issues like health, mother & child welfare, skill development, health, education, etc, aiming at alleviating the issues that stunt societal development.

Medical camps are routinely conducted along with our NGO partners
The Unnati team with senior citizens at the medical camp


2009: Abhayashram
(NGO involved in women and child welfare)

2010: Sandhya Kirana
(Day care centre for senior citizens)

2012: Karnataka welfare association for the blind
(Stay and school for visually impaired children)

2009: Malleshwaram Shishu Vihar
(School for underprivileged children)